Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Good heavens, you're still annoying! 4

If you can't help pointing out that Jesus only got three presents on His birthday and that He never got a Christmas present, because Christmas didn't exist,


Monday, December 11, 2017

The Best Christmas Stress Post -- Ever! -- In the World!



In order to reduce my stress load this Christmas, I am reposting last year's Christmas Stress post instead of writing a new one.

Do you feel that Christmas is a disruption in your life?  Are you overwhelmed by trying to provide the best Christmas possible?  How do you feel when you read an article or hear a discussion on a talk show telling you that you shouldn’t try to create the “perfect” Christmas?  And don’t forget all those movies about a burned out parent (usually Mom) who has a revelation and cries and berates herself for not seeing the meaning of Christmas.  Do you feel guilty because you would have been satisfied with just “real nice”?  Or are you shooting for perfect and feeling guilty not only for not making it but for even trying?

No matter where you turn, someone is saying something about the stress of Christmas.  I stopped reading articles about how to avoid stress, since reading them and trying to put them into action just took up time and led to more stress.

Maybe we just ought to accept that fact that we are going to strive for “the best Christmas ever,” no matter what we read or see on television and hear in church.

But I have a thought.
Christmas disrupts our lives, just as it has disrupted the world.  Mary and Joseph had their lives disrupted; so did the shepherds and wise men.  When we decide to follow Jesus, our lives are going to be changed and change is disruption.  It is a miraculous disruption.

But wouldn’t it be nice to find a little peace?

Maybe on the 26th or the Saturday after Christmas, we can enjoy the leftovers, watch the DVD’s we got, and really read the Christmas cards and newsletters.  I’m going to keep the 26th in mind tonight as I wrap presents and worry about whether everyone will like them.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Still nice!

A friend tells you they're going to Disney World or Paris or their granddaughter's dance recital and you say, "How nice!"
If you get carried away, you may say, "Oh, how nice!"


Sunday, October 29, 2017

You're so annoying it's scary!

You insist on calling corn candy "Harvest corn candy" because you believe Halloween is just public relations for the Devil.  On Trick or Treat night you put a sign on your door saying that giving out treats is the work of Satan.

You just might be an annoying Christian!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Holly heck, you're annoying!

If a friend says they wish their ex from Hell would get eaten by an alligator and go back there and you say, "He/she didn't mean it, God,"
Or, regarding your own ex, "I'm just praying that Jesus will come into her/his heart,."
(You can alleviate the annoyance by adding,  "And stop him from being such a jerk!!"  You  can use a stronger  noun or adjective (such a  ******  !!!!!!!!!)  as long as you tell God you don't mean it,)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Are you going to be this annoying in heaven?

Someone says something catty and then shrieks, "I'm gonna burn in Hell!"  You say, "If you think that, then why did you say it?"

Your friend says, "I was just joking," and you say, "Eternal damnation is nothing to joke about!"